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Refunds Policy

This “good faith” refund policy is offered in addition to the rights you may have under the law.

Once your return has been processed in accordance with our Return Policy or in cases where you have chosen to cancel the order before dispatch in accordance with our Cancellation Policy, we will issue a refund. We issue the refund to the payment method that you chose when you made your order (except for Gift Card and Cash on Delivery payments, in which case the refunds will be processed by the issuance of store credits only).

The return and refund processing times are a minimum of 2-3 weeks. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If you have paid with a credit card or other payment service providers, it can take some days for the money to appear in your account and the time it takes usually depends on your bank.

Please see our Terms for more information on our refund policy and process.

If you think that we have provided you with an incorrect refund, please contact us immediately at hr@sofa-dreams.ae / +971 58 5893303.