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Modern 7 zone mattresses in different sizes

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  1. Fabric Sectional Sofa Ferrara U Shape
    Fabric sofa Ferrara in the U shape with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
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    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
  2. XXL Sofa Wave u shape in leather
    The modern leather sofa Wave as U shape XXL with more seats. Different leather covers, functions and colors are freely ...
    AED 18,499.00 AED 14,999.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
  3. XXL Sofa Ravenna u shape in leather
    Leather sofa Ravenna in the U shape XXL with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
    AED 19,499.00 AED 15,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks

High quality mattresses for a restful sleep

With a mattress from Sofa Dreams you will get restful nights in your bedroom at the same time. Our 7-zone mattresses with stabilizing bands in the middle, which ensure even springing, provide the perfect bedding for a peaceful and, above all, healthy sleep. Since the body regenerates during the night, good sleep is especially important. With the wrong mattress, their quality of sleep can decrease enormously. Sofa Dreams offers you modern 7-zone cold foam mattresses with good bedding for a healthy and peaceful sleep. The high quality mattresses are available in sizes from 140x200 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm, 200x200 cm up to 200x220 cm.

Highlights of 7-zone cold foam mattresses:

  • The support is made of a soft and elastic cold foam (25Kg).
  • Durable and high quality workmanship for a restful and healthy sleep
  • Height of cold foam mattresses is 18-25 cm
  • The degree of hardness is H3, that is medium hard
  • Hygienic due to removable and washable covers (40°)
  • Bed with mattress
  • Buy designer bed
  • Mattresses with ergonomic adaptation to the body
  • 7 zone mattresses with excellent climate properties
  • Body-fitting support and relief for body zones
  • Dimensions available from 140x200 cm to 200x220 cm

The 7-zone cold foam mattresses

As the name suggests, these comfortable mattresses from Sofa Dreams are divided into 7 lying zones for optimal body-friendly relief. The first zone is for the head, zones two and three for shoulders and pelvis, and the fourth zone is the hip zone. The lying zones five, six and seven provide point elasticity for the buttocks, lower legs and feet. Thanks to this thoughtful division, some areas of the body can sink deeper into the mattress than other areas. The PASSION ECONOMIC® mattress available at Sofa Dreams is one of the most popular 7-zone barrel pocket spring mattresses. The core of the mattress consists of metal springs wrapped in fabric and foam. During sleep, they provide body-specific support and relief for areas of the body, as well as pressure relief with good point elasticity.

The so-called "barrel-pocket-springs", which individually support the body in 7 different comfort zones, are very popular. The individually and independently working pocket springs are an enormous advantage, especially for couples with different sleeping patterns, since any restlessness of the partner on the other side of the bed is hardly felt and also the often mentioned "curling up" is prevented. The different comfort zones provide optimal support for the spine. The lumbar vertebrae and the neck are also given extra support, as each individual spring can react individually to the respective acting weight.

Overall, this mattress provides first-class sleeping comfort and offers every possible support for a restful and well-deserved sleep. At the same time, 7 zone mattresses prevent back problems and contribute to orthopedically healthy body adaptation. The cover of the mattress is made of a smooth and silky soft fabric with a quilted and breathable surface, which optimally protects the mattress.

High quality mattresses from Sofa Dreams

At the latest with morning back pain and wet sweaty body should think about buying a new mattress. The right mattress is enormously important for health, because inferior mattresses do not support the bones sufficiently and the muscles can not relax. We at Sofa Dreams assure durable and high quality workmanship of mattresses for a restful and healthy sleep. Of course, the quality of materials plays a major role in a high-quality mattress. The mattresses of Sofa Dreams are equipped with a very soft, body-friendly cover fabric and quilted with 440 gr./sqm climate fiber. Thanks to removable and washable covers, our mattresses are also very hygienic and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Buy bedroom mattresses online

Another important factor for a good mattress is the degree of hardness and lying comfort. Since these factors can vary greatly depending on the body type, our mattresses from a size of 160x200 cm are equipped with 2 cores in one cover and are therefore also perfect for couples. The pocket spring mattresses as well as the cold foam mattresses from Sofa Dreams are available in soft, medium, firm and hard. For example, light persons up to 70 kg can choose a Soft version, stomach sleepers and persons up to 90 kg can choose a mattress with the Medium firmness level, and persons over 90 kg can choose a firm mattress. However, the choice of the right mattress ultimately depends on you. There are no rules and specifications, since every person's body and weight are different and, above all, preferences for lying and sleeping differ greatly.

In addition to the hardness of the mattress, you can also choose between an innerspring mattress and a cold foam mattress at Sofa Dreams. With our innerspring mattresses, an open spring construction ensures good ventilation and a comfortable sleeping environment. This type of mattress is therefore particularly suitable for people who sweat a lot. Another advantage of barrel pocket spring mattresses: they only yield in the places where the body sinks in. In other places the mattress supports the body. Due to individual springs in small pockets, mattresses made of pocket springs contribute to a restful sleep. Sofa Dreams cold foam mattresses are characterized mainly by high point elasticity. Ergonomic zoning, a protective cover around the inner core and a moisture-repellent cover make the cold foam mattresses from Sofa Dreams so special.