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Living Room Tables in Leather
Living room tables in leather
Living room tables in leather
Living room tables set in leather in modern design

Matching leather living room tables to the sofa

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Modern living room tables with leather cover

Our beautiful leather covered modern living room tables in great design, are suitable not only as a matching piece of furniture to your sofa in the living room, but also as a side table in any other room. We have designed many great models with leather, so for almost every taste you can find a modern living room table in great design at Sofa Dreams. You can customize our designer coffee tables to suit your taste. Many of our coffee tables are made of combinations such as fabric, leather and glass and some of them are even extendable. All glass tops of our living room tables are made of safety glass. You have the option to choose the fabric and leather type and the fabric and leather color. In addition, you can get some models with integrated LED lighting, which can be controlled by a remote control. This allows you to add atmosphere to your room in the dark. The lighting is powered by a rechargeable battery, so no cables are visible. The battery life varies between three and eight hours depending on the color and intensity set. The beauty of our modern designer coffee tables is that you can order them in the same material and color as your new couch.

When choosing the leather for your coffee table, you can choose from four types:

  • Soft Life premium faux leather
  • Italian nappa leather
  • Premium buffalo leather
  • Genuine and imitation leather combination

Both the genuine leather and faux leather living room tables are available not only in classic colors like black, white and gray, but also in bright colors as an option. You can also have the frame of our tables covered with a different leather. Just choose whether you want the luxury living room table with a cover of faux leather, genuine leather or even fine buffalo leather. Further, you can also match the colors from the coffee table exactly to the colors of the sofa or leather living landscape. So you give the living room a whole new flair. The table top made of glass is particularly thick. This is safety glass, which is shockproof and scratch-resistant. You can also use our designer tables as a side table in the study or the winter garden. The timeless and modern design gives you the opportunity to use the table in really any combination. If you have any further questions, you can of course call our hotline at any time and get all-round advice from our friendly customer service. We wish you a nice shopping at Sofa Dreams.

Design coffee table for the living room

When manufacturing our noble design coffee tables for your living room or any other room, we not only make sure that they are manufactured according to the EU directives, but also that we use only high-quality materials for the modern tables. Our designers care about creating custom design coffee tables to perfectly set the scene of your living room. When choosing your design coffee table, feel free to take advantage of our personal consultation. Our competent staff knows exactly what to consider when choosing, so you can find a beautiful coffee table in a modern design for your needs. The designer living room tables are not exclusively suitable as an elegant shelf for your living room, but also for all other rooms. In addition to quite classic variants, in our store you can also find living room tables made of exclusive material, with frames in a special design and excellent quality. If you wish, you can order up to five free samples of materials in our online store.