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Living Room Tables in Fabric
Living room tables upholstered in fabric
Living room tables upholstered in fabric
Living room tables with high quality fabric cover

Living room tables covered with fabric

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    Fabric sofa Ferrara in the U shape with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
    AED 20,999.00 AED 16,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
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    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
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    AED 19,499.00 AED 15,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks

Sofa tables in modern design with your favorite color

Furnish the new living room in modern style with the designer sofas and classy coffee tables from Sofa Dreams. Very modern sofa tables, which you can design according to your taste. We offer you real designer models and you decide what material the frame and what color the cover fabric should be. Due to the modern and yet timeless design, you can use our designer tables not only for the sofa, but also put them as a beautiful side table in any room. For example, also beautify the study or the winter garden with a beautiful sofa table made of fabric. If you have already ordered a sofa or one of our designer sofas, you should order matching one of these luxury coffee tables right away. Because you can order this designer table in the same material and colors as the new couch. An unbeatable combination with a designer sofa from Sofa Dreams with one of the matching sofa tables from our furniture online store. We will also be happy to advise you via our customer hotline and answer any unanswered questions here.

  • Sofa tables in microfiber fabric
  • Coffee table in robust woven fabric
  • Each table can also be matched in color to the sofa
  • shockproof glass table with safety glass
  • also illuminated sofa tables
  • some design sofa tables with lighting (battery operated)
  • and much more
  • In the production of our designer tables, we not only make sure that it takes place in accordance with EU directives, but also that only high-quality materials are used in production. Even if you can buy a sofa cheap in our online store, there should be the highest level of quality, so that you can enjoy your designer furniture for a long time. For the fabric cover of the modern sofa table, you have a choice of two types of fabric. You can choose microfiber as the cover fabric to have a really easy-care and water-repellent fabric. Further, we also have for you a very robust textured fabric, through which the design sofa table is very durable. With both covers, you can choose exactly the colors you like best from the large color palette.

    Modern design sofa tables with fabric cover at Sofa Dreams

    You can customize our designer coffee tables to suit your taste. Many of our exclusive coffee tables are made of attractive combinations such as fabric, leather and glass and some of them are even extendable. As for the glass, we only use safety glass for our living room tables. You have the option to choose the type of fabric and the fabric and leather color. In addition, you can get some models with an integrated LED lighting, which can be controlled by a remote control. This allows you to make your room extremely atmospheric in the dark. The lighting is powered by a rechargeable battery, so no annoying cables are visible. The battery life varies between three and eight hours depending on the color and intensity set. The beauty of our modern designer coffee tables is that you can order them in the same material and color as your new couch.

    When it comes to fabric selection, you can choose from three high-quality fabric styles. Our textured fabric Hugo stands out for its sophisticated look. The fabric is cozy, easy to clean and very durable with a wear resistance of over 30,000 cycles. Mineva fabric is characterized by its special structure, especially easy cleaning. Despite the wear resistance of over 75,000 cycles, the fabric is very soft and comfortable. Our fabric Sun Velvet feels velvety soft and despite the softness has a wear resistance of over 50,000 cycles.

    When making our designer coffee tables for your living room or any other room, we not only make sure that they are made according to EU guidelines, but we also make sure that we only use high quality materials for the tables. Our designers care about creating coffee tables with an exclusive, individual design to perfectly set the scene for your living room.