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Living Room Tables
Living room tables
Living room tables
Just the right living room table for your sofa

Modern living room tables in exclusive design

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  1. Fabric Sectional Sofa Ferrara U Shape
    Fabric sofa Ferrara in the U shape with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
    AED 20,999.00 AED 16,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
  2. XXL Sofa Wave u shape in leather
    The modern leather sofa Wave as U shape XXL with more seats. Different leather covers, functions and colors are freely ...
    AED 18,499.00 AED 14,999.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
  3. XXL Sofa Ravenna u shape in leather
    Leather sofa Ravenna in the U shape XXL with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
    AED 19,499.00 AED 15,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks

Coffee table with lighting - customizable to the colors of the couch.

If you allow yourself the luxury and refine the living room with a noble sofa with a modern design, you should definitely order a matching table. Of course, you can perfectly match our designer coffee tables to your new sofa. You can choose the material, as well as the colors, for these sofa tables to match the U shape sofa. Many of our fine living room tables also have lighting, which runs on a rechargeable battery. So you can give the whole living room a very special ambience with the modern LED lighting from the designer coffee table. Of course, you can change the LED light of the sofa tables in color and mode as you like. You will get a stepless touch-wheel remote control for free. The coffee table glass is particularly shock resistant.

  • Coffee table with leather or fabric cover
  • Free choice of color from a large selection
  • shockproof table top made of safety glass
  • modern LED lighting with remote control
  • design coffee tables in different shapes
  • and much more

A coffee table can be much more than a simple shelf. As a complement to a corner sofa or an XXL U shape sofa, it becomes a part of the interior, with which you additionally set accents and prove your good taste. Coffee tables from Sofa Dreams are special representatives of their kind. The combination of selected materials and an individual design makes them eye-catchers that you do not have to hide behind the sofa. Which coffee table is suitable for your living room depends on various factors. The main deciding factors are the prevailing style of furnishing in the room in question and your personal taste. If you prefer it timelessly simple and natural, a coffee table in a classic rectangular shape and made of a natural material such as oak is a good choice. Such a model will always remain in fashion and is very adaptable. The combination of leather and glass also adds a modern touch. Whether fancy or simple, high functionality always plays an important role in our coffee tables. That's why we attach importance to robust materials such as safety glass even for graceful-looking models. Rechargeable batteries as a power source eliminate the need for annoying cables, and generous table surfaces ensure that coffee tables from Sofa Dreams cut a fine figure as storage units. Set accents in your living room and order a coffee table with a special touch here! At Sofa Dreams you can order a leather sofa cheap and the matching table right along with it.

Modern living room tables with sturdy glass top

Especially with a table, which serves as a way to put glasses and the like, care should be taken that the glass top is not too fragile. And so it is of course important for us to be able to offer our customers a very stable sofa table. The glass top on these living room tables is made of very sturdy safety glass, which is not only scratch-resistant, but also really shockproof. So you can be sure to have not only a modern design coffee table, but also really a product with the highest quality. Treat yourself to the luxury now and order the matching table for your living room with the new couch.