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Fabric Sofas
Fabric sofas
Fabric sofas
Fabric sofas in various fabric covers and colors

Exclusive fabric sofas in a modern design

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Top Seller

  1. Fabric Sectional Sofa Ferrara U Shape
    Fabric sofa Ferrara in the U shape with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
    AED 20,999.00 AED 16,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
  2. XXL Sofa Wave u shape in leather
    The modern leather sofa Wave as U shape XXL with more seats. Different leather covers, functions and colors are freely ...
    AED 18,499.00 AED 14,999.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
  3. XXL Sofa Ravenna u shape in leather
    Leather sofa Ravenna in the U shape XXL with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
    AED 19,499.00 AED 15,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks

Fabric sofa in modern design also with bed function

Whether you want to order a new design sofa as an elegant corner sofa or a beautiful U-shaped sofa with fabric cover. At Sofa Dreams we offer exclusive models, which you can order as an upholstered corner in the L-shape or even as a large U shape fabric sofa. Thereby you can choose between two different covers in our online store. You can have a fabric sofa made with a microfiber cover. We also have a robust textured fabric or woven fabric for you to choose from. Each cover has different advantages. A couch with functions is of course also something very special. Because here you do not just buy a designer couch, but you can also equip it with practical functions, such as a sleep function. So you can turn the new sofa into an elegant sofa bed in no time. Give her living room with a modern designer corner couch the right feeling and get with an extendable bed function (which you can order at a low price) even a practical aspect.

Design your new designer sofa according to your taste. Not only with the color and the fabric, you can make the design of their new corner couch itself. With us, you can turn any fabric sofa with a bed function to the sofa bed. Furthermore, we have many other functions for you to choose from, which you can take by phone when ordering. For example, you can exchange the one-seater of a fabric sofa for an electric relax function. So you sit relaxed on the new sofa and can move with the electric control their seat in a relaxed position. Modern furniture, which you can assemble yourself. Use the additional functions also the possibility to get a sofa with refrigerator. In two variants you can have an additional element built into your fabric sofa. One element consists of a pull-out refrigerator in the sofa. The next element has a wireless charging surface for your cell phone. Simply place the cell phone on the surface and let it charge wirelessly. There are also 2 electrically cooled cup holders with it. For each corner sofa and U shape sofa there are also matching pillows.

The highlights of our design fabric sofas at a glance

  • Sofa in wipe-clean microfiber
  • Fabric sofa with robust structure fabric (woven fabric)
  • Ottoman right or also left (selectable)
  • choose any color for the fabric
  • order a bed function for a reasonable price
  • upholstered corner with LED lighting
  • Furniture with free delivery
  • Sofa with 2 years warranty
  • Designer sofa also in the U-shape and as XXL

Corner sofa with woven fabric or microfiber cover?

In the question of whether you want to have your new couch covered with a sturdy woven fabric or a water-repellent microfiber, we may be able to answer a few questions. The microfiber fabric is a water-repellent upholstery, which is also very easy to clean. Small stains, can be easily cleaned with this fabric cover with a damp cloth. Especially with a designer sofa of high quality, this is a very big advantage. The surface feels a little like velvet. Another material we offer is a robust woven fabric. This is particularly durable and can withstand heavy use without any problems. This material is very high quality and impresses with its durability. Just pick the right corner sofa upholstery cover and then choose their favorite colors. Each couch you can design yourself with us. In the process, each fabric sofa is also available in both cover fabrics.