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Box Spring Beds
Box Spring Beds
Box Spring Beds
Boxspring beds in all sizes with the highest comfort

Exclusive boxspring beds in modern design

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  1. Fabric Sectional Sofa Ferrara U Shape
    Fabric sofa Ferrara in the U shape with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
    AED 20,999.00 AED 16,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
  2. XXL Sofa Wave u shape in leather
    The modern leather sofa Wave as U shape XXL with more seats. Different leather covers, functions and colors are freely ...
    AED 18,499.00 AED 14,999.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks
  3. XXL Sofa Ravenna u shape in leather
    Leather sofa Ravenna in the U shape XXL with adjustable headrests and optional sleep function. Modern lighting and other ...
    AED 19,499.00 AED 15,499.00
    incl. VAT
    Delivery Time: about 8-12 weeks

Buy box spring bed and get restful sleep immediately

What are box spring beds and where does the term box spring come from?

For many, a box spring bed is not only a modern bed, which is currently in fashion, but is a whole new way to enjoy sleep. Box Spring is the free translation of spring, which is the description of the base of a box spring bed. These beds completely do without a slatted frame and replace it with real springs in the base. This also means that you no longer have to worry about what slatted frame you need, as it is superfluous. As for the degree of firmness from the modern box spring bed, it all depends on your sleeping habits and can be chosen in different levels. With such an elegant upholstered bed, you can also use any mattress of your choice. Any standard mattress can be used with a box spring bed. A mattress in the dimensions of the bed will always fit. So, if you bought a box spring bed 160x200, you only need to make sure that the mattress also has a measurement of 160x200. Then it will fit into the bed frame without any problems. Simply place it on the sprung base from the bed and experience a whole new sleeping experience.

Don't just go with the latest trend, treat yourself to a restful sleep with the modern luxury box spring beds from Sofa Dreams at the top price. Sofa Dreams is one of the high-quality manufacturers of box spring beds, which you can conveniently buy online. The advantage of buying online is clearly that you do not have to worry about transportation. You can simply order the bed in the desired size and the appropriate degree of hardness in our online store, and then have it conveniently delivered to your home by a shipping company. The delivery of the box spring bed within Germany is free of charge. When the decision is made to buy a new bed, you are often faced with the choice of what kind of bed you want to choose.

If one decides now for a new box spring bed, one is on the safe side to guarantee oneself the comfort of a good sleep. The wide selection in our online store also gives you the freedom to really choose a model that suits your taste. Would you like a bed that has an upholstered headboard? Or would you even like a modern box spring bed with a headboard that has lighting built into it? You can find all this only in Sofa Dreams online bed store. A new bed from Sofa Dreams will guarantee you a good night's sleep.

In our shop you can get all models as a complete bed with a matching mattress and topper, of course. The modern design of the bed itself and the practical headboard are the absolute eye-catcher. In many models, the headboard is also equipped with beautiful light elements. However, this type of beds does not have a bed base, because the complete base is provided with the suspension that gives you that indescribable sleeping feeling. However, you can also buy a modern bed in the box spring look at Sofa Dreams. This bed looks like a box spring bed, but it is a normal designer bed with a practical bed base.

Exclusive box spring beds buy online cheap: here Sofa Dreams presents you the most beautiful box spring beds. Innovative design and the use of high-quality materials distinguish the absolute top quality of our products. It is very important to us that you have an absolutely restful sleep and are delighted by the sight. Because nothing is more beautiful than entering your own bedroom and looking forward to your bed. Here you will get not only cheap box spring beds delivered, but real designer goods directly from the manufacturer. Take a look at the models once.

  • Leather box spring beds
  • Exclusive box spring bed with LED lighting
  • Made in Europe
  • Warranty of 2 years on the beds
  • Direct home delivery (included within Germany)
  • and much more

High quality designer box spring beds at Sofa Dreams

Treat yourself to the special luxury at a really fair price. Because here you order the new box spring bed directly from the manufacturer or the designer. Your friends and acquaintances will envy you, as you will clearly stand out from "the crowd" with an exclusive interior with beautiful designer furniture. All our items have a detailed description. If you still have some questions, please contact our telephone support at any time. Here, one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our products. The greatest praise for us is your complete satisfaction.